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Shaking hands.

We don’t do much of that anymore.

Due to COVID, of course.

How many people will reintroduce that back into their lives as part of their greeting with friends, family and acquaintances?

You know, once the “new normal” becomes the usual, the accepted and the expected.

Let’s hope it reappears soon.

Sometimes it’s hard for people to communicate effectively with each other, but the humble hand-shake has been a favourite throughout our country (and many others) to signify friendship and solidarity between people, even from the first meeting.

That’s what’s so good about it.

It doesn’t discriminate.

If, for the purposes of good hygiene, a person chooses to “elbow bump” with others, then good luck to them. It doesn’t have quite the same feeling or expression of goodwill and acceptance. But, perhaps that will come after time passes and the “elbow bump” becomes entrenched as the “new normal” greeting.

Having said that, we can still prepare for the worst and hope for the best!

The worst case scenario is that our elbows need to be brought up to speed.

The best case is bringing our hands back to full impact – smoothness that belies an underlying strength.

All Hand Creams 50 g @ $10.95 and 110 g @ $19.95

Coconut Revolution has a fabulous selection of hand creams to suit the most discerning of tastes. They all contain Cocos nucifera (Coconut) Oil, which is a wonderful emollient to soften and smooth the skin. They also contain Butyrospermum parkii (Shea Butter), which enhances skin conditioning and controls the viscosity or flowability of the cream.

They are completely paraben free.

These hand creams are available in two sizes: 110g to keep on your dresser or in the bathroom, and a very handy travel size of 50g to pop in your handbag and use like a mini-oasis for those moments during the day when the hand sanitisers have dried out your hands to within an inch of mummification!


When I first placed this cream on my hand, I was reminded of a trip to Thailand as a child. This was the first time I tasted Coconut Ice Cream and I was totally enraptured! The smell of this cream took me back there instantly. Tempted as I was, I resisted eating it, and proceeded to smooth it over the back of my hand. The cream spread easily and much further than I expected. Also, it wasn’t greasy at all, but felt very light and absorbed evenly.

Thai Jasmine

If you’ve ever walked into a Thai garden that is covered in jasmine, or perhaps around a Thai Wat or temple where street vendors are selling their beautiful garlands of flowers, this will remind you of these places. Spreading the cream makes the fragrance more delicate and delightful. Wonderful.

Island Paradise

Pineapple! But not just any pineapple. This smells of the small, sweet pineapple variety that you can only find in Thailand. Just amazing!

Lemon Grass Mint (LGM)

The Lemongrass Mint fragrance is obviously minty, but with a touch of spice that intrigues the senses. Spreading the cream around releases the lemongrass fragrance and one can’t help thinking, “Thai curry for lunch or dinner?”

If you keep the whole collection then, depending on your mood, you can take a very inexpensive trip around Thailand whenever you like, COVID or not!

Author:Kerri Yarsley

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