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  • Coconut Body Butters

    Coconut Body Butters

    Welcome back old friends With the COVID-19 restrictions lifting, it’s so good to catch up with some old friends. That’s what I feel about the Coconut Body Butters. These are our most luxuriant skin moisturisers. Body Butters: Original 250 g @ $34.95 Summersense 250 g @ $34.95 Oceania 250 g @ $34.95 (Great fragrance for guys or gals.) Once a week or fortnight, it’s worth taking some time out of...

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  • Coconut Revolution in the Media

    Coconut Revolution in the Media

    Another product Hemsworth is a fan of is coconut oil. Not surprising, given he can often be found surfing the breaks around his Byron Bay home. Follow his lead with Coconut Revolution ‘Coconut Body Lotion Original’, $19.95 (250ml). Applied post-shower, it softens and moisturises.

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  • The Gold Standard in Coconut Oil - How it's made

    The Gold Standard in Coconut Oil - How it's made

    The oil is then extracted - not only from the flesh but the brown kernel coating, also called coconut testa. The kernel oil enriches our products with higher levels of natural antioxidants such as tocopherols, tocotrienols and phenolics. 

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