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The ‘magic pill’ to cure all ailments doesn't exist, but the quality of your life can be positively affected if you are willing to take the time and care to get there.

My name is Kerri Yarsley and I am delighted to be able to contribute to the Coconut Revolution newsletter because I believe coconut oil helped me return to a normal life.

The scare…

Like some others, I was a parent of four kids who had just finished secondary schooling. I was working full-time at a place that was an hour away (driving), and I decided to write a book. This wasn’t just any old fiction book; this was based on the lessons and life experiences I had learned over the past two decades with my kids. Little did I know that one of my most significant challenges was just around the corner.

I woke up one morning and felt like a truck had hit me. I felt and smelt that awful, wet, cold, pungent stench of urine and my mind was in total confusion. Where was I and what had happened? Of course, I had had an epileptic seizure. After numerous tests, the neurologist said, “I had an epileptic glitch in the pre-wake stages of my brain.” My osteopath said everyone has the potential to develop seizures if the stress level gets too high and, obviously, mine did.

Not only was I affected physically, but my memory was seriously impaired. I work with computers, and if you know the “Blue screen of death” expression, then you will appreciate where my brain was at the time. Long term memory was ok, but mid to short term was having troubles. I couldn’t even remember my eldest daughter’s 21st birthday party until I saw the photos and that was only two years earlier. I won’t tell you how much I had forgotten about the computer systems I had been using on a daily basis. Now that was frightening! My workload stopped almost immediately.

Another embarrassing memory loss was at Taekwondo. I had been practising the art for nearly ten years and was a 3rd Dan black belt. Each level has a specific ‘pattern’ which must be mastered before the student can move forward. As a black belt, I had to know all the coloured and black belt patterns up to my Dan level. When I was physically able to return, I couldn’t remember even the most basic white belt pattern properly. My muscle memory was slightly better than my brain memory, but not good enough to carry me through.

Decision time…

Reading through the side-effects on the pharmaceutical warning sheets (leukaemia being a possibility), I decided I didn’t want to go down that path and searched for other, more gentle, ways to return to a more ‘normal’ life. A friend suggested coconut oil as he had heard it had some beneficial effects on other people with brain issues. As it was regarded as a more beneficial than harmful substance, I decided to give it a go.

Choosing the right Coconut Oil for me…

I’ll be blunt. I tried the ‘popular’ brands that were available in the shops and they were so strong in flavour and texture that they made me gag. I persisted and found an online brand that was organic and a cold-pressed virgin oil. It was also sourced in Thailand. When I tasted it, it was like honey by comparison. It was lightly flavoured and very easy to swallow. No gag reflex! Bingo! I had found the one for me.


I started having five (5) tablespoons per day, first thing in the morning, and I also used it exclusively for cooking. After about six months, I noticed that my memories started to return in fits and bursts, usually in the early morning almost like dreams. But, I knew they weren’t dreams. They were returning memories.


No one uses the word ‘Cure’, apparently because it has been trademarked, but I would be very close to it. I had one seizure after the six months period and I didn’t even know I had had it (apart from the wet bed and hubby telling me the next morning). I felt disappointed, but just brushed it off and went on with my day. I went from being a bit like the girl in “50 First Dates[1]” to very close to normal. My only frustration was I had to wait for two years to pass before I could get my driver’s licence back. That day was very special. It was like turning 18 again!


The above comments have been taken from the actual experience of one individual and do not purport as medical advice for others with similar issues. Any similar actions taken by others do not guarantee a similar outcome, but why not give it a go if you believe it will help you?

Kerri Yarsley has a Bachelor of Science in Biochemistry and Microbiology and may be contacted for feedback or queries via

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[1] “50 First Dates” movie starring Adam Sandler and Drew Barrymore. Production: Happy Madison, Anonymous Content, Flower Films. Distribution: Columbia Pictures.